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More than Great Food

Today as a veteran owned business, Rich Glancey wanted to bring the original taste of Coney Island back to the Quad Cities. The taste that he grew up with as a kid. The Original Coney Island sauce is the secret that makes his Coney Island Hotdog #1 over any competitors 

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As a kid, like many of us in the Quad Cities, I grew up enjoying Harrold’s Coney Island in Rock Island.

But in 1995 the delicious taste was gone as they closed their doors for good. For many years we missed the taste of that true original coney dog, with nowhere to go without traveling many miles away to find a coney dog.

Then a thought came to mind to open Uncle Rich’s Coney Island. My mission was to bring that taste back to the Quad Cities and bring back memories to those of us who miss that true coney island hot dog.

Since Opening Day, I feel that we have so far accomplished our mission. With strong support from the community we have been rated the best coney dog around since the closing of Harrold’s Coney Island. We have been rated not just by our customers but by most of the family members of Harold’s Coney Island itself.

Today was very special as we were visited by Harrold’s three daughters and son. They were very pleased and gave us a 5-star rating. Now living in Arizona, Alabama and Michigan, they traveled many miles to check out if we were doing things right. The family was very happy with their visit and wished us the best. They are very nice people.

I want to thank Harrold’s daughters and son for stopping by and more importantly thank the Quad Cities for supporting us each week and making us the number #1 Coney Island in the Quad Cities.

In closing we invite you to stop by and try Uncle Rich’s Coney Island and enjoy the great taste you remember when you were a kid.

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