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Hot Dogs

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Coney Dog

Try Uncle Rich's Original Coney Dog / With Original Coney Island Sauce

 Mustard / Onions

Coney With Cheese.jpg

Coney Dog With Cheese

Uncle Rich's Original Coney Dog / With His Original Coney Island Sauce /  Mustard And Onions With Nacho Cheese

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Double D

For A Big Appetite, The Double D Consists of 2 Hot Dogs / Mustard / Coney Sauce Onion / Nacho Cheese Sauce

All On One Bun.

Fire Dog.png

Fire Dog

Served With Sriracha Sauce & Topped & Jalapenos

Sauerkraut Hot Dog.png

Sauerkraut Dog

Yellow Mustard / Sauerkraut

Cheesy Bacon Dog.png

Cheesy Bacon Dog

Delicious Hot Dog Smothered With Nacho Cheese And Topped With Crispy Bacon Pieces

Dilly Dog.png

Dilly Dog

Delicious Hot Dog / Pickle Slices / Yellow Mustard / Coney Sauce / Sweet Onions


Plain Dog

Try Our Delicious Plain Hot Dog, Choice Of Mustard / Ketchup / Relish / Onions

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